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Discover the joys of nature

Discover wildlife and nature In the UK. We have a great range of items to help you to get back to nature. Connecting up with wildlife and the outdoors has been shown to give us many health benefits.

Our wildlife shop has items such as binoculars and telescopes to help you enjoy wildlife a d bird watching. Get an inflatable canoe and enjoy long weekends canoeing and camping along the river.

Discover the benefits of attracting wildlife into the garden. 

  • Books
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    wildlife and nature books


    wildlife, nature and environmental books to read

    A handpicked collection of books that aim to entertain or educate about the environment, wildlife and nature.

    From entertaining biographies to educational books on improving your wildlife photography or gardening. 

    Take a browse of what we think are some of the best books around to read.

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  • Optics
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    optics for nature study


    Optical equipment to help boost your enjoyment of the natural world

    You could be watching the biggest creatures on Earth such as whales or studying the smallest diatoms and plankton. The one thing that is common to both is good optics.

    You need to be able to see clearly and quickly the wildlife that you want to watch. From birds to insects and more, this collection of optics from binoculars to microscopes will help to enhance your enjoyment of what lives around us.

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  • Outdoors
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    buy outdoors gear

    Outdoors Equipment

    Get close to nature in the great outdoors

    There's nothing quite like getting outside into the wilderness to experience wildlife and nature at it's very best.

    We've got you covered when you want to go outside; from scuba diving to camping. We've selected some great deals for you.

    Check out our outdoors gear department and explore our range of selected products.

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  • Wildlife Gardens
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    wildlife garden products for sale

    Wildlife Gardens

    Making your little piece of land a wildlife sanctuary

    If you are fortunate to have a garden then you are lucky to have the opportunity to help our native wildlife. So many species now rely on our gardens to survive.  You can help them thrive by how you garden.

    We have a wide range of products for gardens that will help to attract animals, birds and other wildlife into your garden. Just small things like feeding the birds can make all the difference.

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