Vixen SG 2.1×42 wide-field binoculars for star field observing

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Vixen SG 2,1×42 binoculars – star field observing at low magnification

On a starry night, the SG 2,1×42 binoculars provide a much wider field of view at lower magnification than conventional binoculars with 6X or 10X. This means you’ll observe the amazing views of the Milky Way.

It is as if you were looking the stars a brighter…

Vixen SG binoculars have an objective lens aperture of 42mm with a magnification of 2.1X, so you see objects at least twice as large as with your naked eyes. Like conventional binoculars, the focal point can also be set individually for each eye. The eye relief can also be also individually adjusted. The generous 20mm of eye relief allows you to enjoy all of the field of view wearing spectacles. In an effort to let you holding these star field binoculars securely, they come with a long strap that you’ll loosely wrap several times around the hand. In addition, a soft padded case with belt loop is provided to keep them in. The binoculars have a large objective lens aperture and the low magnification means they have got Implausible light gathering power.

Made in Saitama, Japan
The SG 2,1×42 binoculars are produced in Saitama in Japan. Vixen Co., Ltd takes care of quality regulate and Opt Miyauchi, renowned for its binoculars, is responsible for the production of the metal parts and the assembly.

The benefits at a glance:

– Like a pair of spectacles you’ll use to observe the night sky

– Implausible light gathering power: 42mm aperture and 2.1X magnification

– Wide field of view: Observe entire constellations in a single field of view

– See many more stars than with the naked eye – even with light pollution

– Padded case