Zeiss Terra ED 10 x 42 Binoculars, Grey/Black

£371.00 (as of 12/12/2018, 8:20 am)

Prismatic Schmidt-Pechan system
Type Lens ed-type
Hydrophobic Zeiss MC anti-fog lens treatment



The new ZEISS TERRA ED binoculars are the perfect companion when you wish to have to experience fascinating moments anytime, anywhere first hand.

They feature an attractive, modern design and minimal weight. Their slim design means they are extremely compact and robust. Moreover, the usage of SCHOTT ED glass along side a hydrophobic multi-coating guarantees brilliant images with a number of fine detail.

Designed to be used outdoors, TERRA ED binoculars are waterproof and nitrogen filled. They have got a fast, easy-to-use focusing mechanism and a minimum focusing distance of only 1.6m. In short, they are ready for anything you wish to have to do – whether at exciting sports events, big outdoor events or concerts, fascinating journeys, or hiking in the mountains or by the sea.

ZEISS TERRA ED are ‘way of life binoculars’ that excel in any terrain.


Compact, lightweight and robust

Their glass fibre reinforced and waterproof housing makes ZEISS TERRA ED binoculars also able to meet the high demands of out of doors enthusiasts. The TERRA ED series is designed to be compact, lightweight and robust. Which means the TERRA ED makes the perfect companion – weighing less, fitting comfortably in any pocket and is being virtually indestructible – whether used on long journeys, in the countryside, at race tracks, concerts, in cities, in the mountains or on the open sea.

Brilliant and clear images

The use of SCHOTT EDglass and a hydrophobic multi-coating meets the highest optical requirements. The glass is manufactured by
Prismatic Schmidt-Pechan system
Type Lens ed-type
Hydrophobic Zeiss MC anti-fog lens remedy
Case, Strap, Lens Cleaning Cloth