Alfresia Handmade Hanging House Bird Feeder


Attractive handmade wooden bird feeder
Detachable roof for easy refilling
Small openings to each side to release food



Help birds and flora and fauna thrive in your garden with this lovely Hanging Bird Feeder, handmade from wood and painted as a traditional house complete with door & window details, tiled roof, and chimney.

A chain to the roof makes it easy to hang in a tree or from a bracket, and also helps to keep the roof attached when you lift it to refill the house with nuts and seeds. Small openings on every side of the house give get right of entry to to the food as it spreads out and onto the green base, which features edges to keep the food from falling off.

To encourage a lot of birds, hang the house in a large tree, near a hedge or by some garden plants, so there’s a number of shelter nearby. This little feeding area is a good way to spot a range of species all over the year, ideal for curious children or flora and fauna enthusiasts taking a look to entice more birds into their garden.


Width – 19cm
Height – 22cm
Depth – 19cm
Chain Hanging Height – 18cm
Attractive handmade wooden bird feeder
Detachable roof for simple refilling
Small openings to every side to release food
Chain to the top for hanging
Dimensions: 19cm (W) x 22cm (H) x 19cm (D)

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