5kg Utterly Peanut Butterly Peanut Butter For Wild Birds


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Utterley Peanut Butterly is a soft, paste like product that may be moulded by hand, without creating a mess, and used in any number of ways such as made into extra high energy fatballs, spread in rough tree bark, holes in trees, into empty fat trays or jars. An ideal method is to use it to refill any used empty coconut halves you have and a 5 kg bucket of Utterley Peanut Butterly will fill a coconut half approximately 25 times, or more depending on the size of the coconut half saving you having to shop for new filled coconut halves and saving the empty shells from needing to be thrown away – great for the environment and your pocket. As the name suggests Utterley Peanut Butterly is made with peanuts blended with beef fat, vegetable oil, cereals and seeds to appeal to quite a lot of wild birds. Its soft paste like texture makes it an ideal feedstuff for all year round but it especially suitable for the breeding season as it has a high energy content, calorific value 470Kcal/100g, but more importantly is extremely digestible making it especially attractive for young hatchlings and fledglings in addition to keeping the parent birds in tip top condition. The entire ingredients used for Utterley Peanut Butterly are sourced from reputable local, national UK and international suppliers and are subject to strict quality controls to make sure suitability and quality. The fat in Utterley Peanut Butterly is of the highest food grade and is packed with energy to help wild birds all the way through demanding times. The peanuts are tested aflatoxin protected with no added salt. The cereals and seeds are from local growers, where conceivable and will have to appeal many species of wild bird.

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