Bermuda Pre-Formed Pond – Bay 460 litres


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Consider the wonderful thing about a fabulous pond in your garden without all the hard work and now make it a reality! The Bermuda Pre-Formed Pond Bay has a 460 litre capacity and is easily fitted so that anyone can install it. The shape is already determined so all you want to make a decision is where you’ll enjoy it the most. Place it close to an outside sitting area such as your patio or if conceivable close to a window so that you could view it from inside your house too. Wherever you make a decision to place it try to ensure that part of it is slightly shaded. It is manufactured from tough UV resistant high-density polyethylene for maximum durability and has a 20 year guarantee. It features an integral pump stand and an integral wildlife escape route. It is a great feature to add to your garden and one that you’ll be able to turn into a fabulous focal point by adding aquatic decorations such as a fountain or rocks or even a bridge – just let your imagination run wild. We recommend that you install a pond pump not only to oxygenate the water which is beneficial to your fish and water plants but also to prevent stagnant water. Dimensions: L167 x W123 x D46cmCapacity: 460 litresHandy tips: Allow 24 hours for it to regain its shape after being unpackaged.Dig a hole a little larger and deeper than the bay and ensure the excavation area is firmly compacted.Bed the pond on a layer of sand making sure the sand is packed in under the various mould shapes to keep its shape then level the pond. You should have the pond’s edge slightly above ground level so the dirt around it slopes at least 10% away from the pond to prevent rain from washing soil lawn fertilisers etc. into the pond. Backfill with loose sand or earth between the pond and excavation stopping at the halfway mark between the excavation base and pond’s flange (upper lip). Commence filling with water slowly and continue backfilling with loose sand. Gauge your time so the filling of water and backfilling of sand steps are finished at the sam

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