Yukon Ranger LT 6.5×42 Digital Night Vision Device Mono

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Resolution: 40 lp/mm
Magnification: 6,5x
Field of view: 5 graden



The Yukon Night Vision Ranger LT 6,5×42 is a special residual light amplifier with a digital sensor. The Ranger is a perfect example of the succesful application of digital technology in the statement optics. As a result of this, it may be called on of the most productive digital night vision devices of his generation.

The ultimate night vision device

The Ranger can also be called the ultimate night vision device As a result of his highly sensitive CCD sensor and new Som Light TM software. Further, the night vision device has a 6.5x magnification and has a range up to 350 meters. The renewed LCD screen is in a position to product a clear and sharp image with a 640×480 resolution. The adjustable infrared illuminator can be utilized throughout clouded or moonless nights. The wavelength of the infrared illuminator is 940nm, making it invisible to the human eye. When the usage of the device, the users will be cannot be seen. The build-in video output makes it conceivable to view the produced image on a external screen or television with a resolution of 640×480. The Ranger can also be focused from 5 meter.
Resolution: 40 lp/mm
Magnification: 6,5x
Field of view: 5 graden
Eye relief: 14mm Exit Pupil: 4mm
Infrared: 904nm / 115mW Diopter Adjustments: +/-5 Operating time: up to 12 hours (5 hours without IR)

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