Bresser Microscope Researcher Bino 40x-1000x

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The BRESSER Researcher Bino is a very popular microscope, which is widely used in schools, for hobby and standard laboratory tasks.
Four DIN/RMS high quality achromatic objectives 4x; 10x; 40x; 100x oil and a set of 10x wide field eyepieces gives a magnification range from 40x to 1000x. Binocular head for comfortable viewing, Interpupilary distance and diopters are adjustable. Abbe type condensor (N.A. 1.25) with iris, fully adjustable.
Solid and heavy metal body with precise and durable mechanics. Coarse and fine focus, mechanical stage with vernier scales and low coax controls for ergonomic handling.

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The Bresser Bino Researcher microscope is in response to an effective steel frame. The huge magnification vary of 40x-1000x is reached with 4 Targets and one (changeable) pair of eyepieces. So, this device fulfills upper calls for. The 40x- and the 100x-function are retractable (safeguarding towards injury). The 100x-function is meant for oil immersion microscopy (immersion oil is included). The halogen lamp is vibrant (20 W), and its depth is variable with a dimmer.


-Microscope sort: Virtual microscope
-Most magnification: 1000x
-Magnification: 40x
-Color of product: Black, White

The BRESSER Researcher Bino is a highly regarded microscope, that’s broadly utilized in faculties, for passion and usual laboratory duties.
4 DIN/RMS prime quality achromatic Targets 4x; 10x; 40x; 100x oil and a suite of 10x huge box eyepieces provides a magnification vary from 40x to 1000x. Binocular head for at ease viewing, Interpupilary distance and diopters are adjustable. Abbe sort condensor (N.A. 1.25) with iris, absolutely adjustable.
Forged and heavy steel frame with exact and sturdy mechanics. Coarse and wonderful center of attention, mechanical degree with vernier scales and coffee coax controls for ergonomic coping with.
Upgradeable with: darkish box condensors, segment distinction set, prime quality planachromatic Targets or a MikroCam digital camera. The Bresser Researcher Bino suits your wishes!
Targets 40x and 100x spring loaded towards unintentional injury, peak of the desk can also be restricted as neatly. But even so this, chill out and depend on our 5 years producers guaranty!

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