Banana Boat; ® Folding Canoe – Nu Type 352 White Faltboot for 2 People – 15 Year Guarantee. Price: £1,759.40 (as of 19/05/2019 02:21 PST- Details)

Plastic body
Colour: White
2 adults

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The Banana® Nu Sort 352 the original folding canoe that may be nearly unbreakable. Ideal for outing tours on all inside of water. Additionally to be had with Electrical drive. With 15 year ensure at the torso from the factory – ellerbek at Hamburg. Box Contents: Body, Weighs handiest 19 kg, Color: White, 2 x perches Duchten, an Bug reinforcement strip in inexperienced, a collection of paddle, in, Buoyancy body in white is an improbable addition to any home.
Easy to collect, Simple to move effortlessly, the body is Unsinkbar, very spacious body, at ease sitting position, little need for intensive upkeep and even care. The sunshine Banana Nu is totally fahrfertig. The entire process is carried out in only a few mins with none tools by only one person. Load Capability: 170 kg.
The dimensions: 3,fifty two m (Period) For Simple Transport Around 44 cm, (Width) and eight cm height.
Technical Information: Fahrfertig, Period 3,42 m x Width ninety cm x Height: 32 cm, max. draught empty: 7 cm, Depth: 12 cm, body weight with out seat Duchten: 19 kg; Load Capability: 170kg (trimmed), for (Beneficial): 1 adult that collection of users (Most): 2 adults, age from unencumber (Beneficial): Appropriate for youngsters aged 18 years, Drive Sort: Paddle (Optional Electrical Motor – Max. 0.5kW).
Due to limitations in photography and the inevitable variations in special body design The Canoe has a excellent straight spout combined with wonderful quantity of manoeuvrability and could also be extraordinarily may not tip over. With a few apply you’ll even status paddle boarding. Additionally ideal for beginners or the ones getting back. Even longer distances may also be hung up come. The canoe will also be powered by a double paddle.
Boat and handling characteristics for this sort (scale of a to f): Speed: B, Safety: B, straight spout: A, manoeuvrability (W x D):; Most load: C, Beneficial for the next water: Be happy to Mittelschnell flowing, tour Period: Day or Week.
Plastic body
Color: White
2 adults
Electrical Motor

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