Britain’s Birds: An Identification Guide to the Birds of Britain and Ireland (WILDGuides)

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Britain’s Birds will be enjoyed, valued and repeatedly referred to by all bird watchers–whether beginner, experienced or professional. That is the most comprehensive, up-to-date and practical bird book of up to date times, featuring an unrivalled choice of photographs that show the entire plumages you are likely to see. That specialize in identification, and containing maps, facts and figures on numbers and distributions, this breakthrough publication was once devised by a team of lifelong birdwatchers, all with many years’ experience of showing people birds and producing user-friendly field guides., * Comprehensive coverage of each bird recorded in Britain and Ireland* The only photographic guide to show all plumages likely to be encountered* More than 3,200 superb colour photographs carefully selected to show key identification features* Many photographs of individual rare birds identified in Britain and Ireland* Simple steps that can assist you find and identify any bird you see* Pages designed to allow easy and accurate comparison* Up to date information on status, population, distribution and conservation designations* Distribution maps featuring summer, winter and resident ranges, plus details of migration routes to and from Britain and Ireland