GardenersDream Whole Peanuts

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GardenersDream Whole Peanuts – Fresh Garden Seed Wild Bird Food Nut Feed In Tubs GD_-V-_WB_WPEA_L_-MASTER-

GardenersDream Whole Peanuts are a very popular bird food due to their high calorific content and cleanliness. Being rich in energy, fibre, vitamins and minerals, whole peanuts are the perfect snackfor wild birds to help maintain a healthy, balanced diet. The natural oils contained within peanuts really help birds maintain glossy feathers and the texture of peanuts keep their beaks nice and sharp


PLEASE NOTE that small, young birds located in nests or on the ground can chock on whole peanuts. Please only feed whole peanuts from wire mesh peanut feeders to ensure that they are broken down and consumed by older, larger birds.

If placed on tables or the ground, the whole peanuts must be broken down.

Supplied in sealable and reusable clear plastic tubs.

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