BELLISSA Garden High Pond Gabion 490 Liter Diameter 146 Centimeter

£139.99 (as of 15/03/2019, 11:20 pm)

Galvanized zinc-Aluminium
Garden Decoration



The ponds are very decorative and sturdy!

They are compatible on each and every terrace and in each and every garden.

Sensitivity adjust depending naturally on a balcony.

The stable interlining is a thick fleece separation sheeting before the pointy stones and secure. Protection Foil Insert we propose, drained the water in winter.

The building with out screw, all connections are plug connections!

The Pond will share as Pond Kit Included Matching Single Slide no Record Protection and Fleece supplied.

The bars are zinc-Aluminium Plated.

Pond Kit High:

Dimensions: diameter Ø 146 cm 126 cm. indoor and out of doors. Height 40 cm.

Capacity 490 L.

Mesh Size: 2.5 x 10 cm

Popular Stone Grain 25 – 60 mm.

Stone Quantity required approx 270 kg.

Stones, plant and ornamental items don’t seem to be included.
Galvanized zinc-Aluminium
Garden Decoration
With stable foil insert