national trust deer

Are the National Trust dumping the cost of Covid-19 on the environment and staff?

During the early days of the pandemic, the National Trust announced swinging cuts to environmental and conservation projects. Now they have released details of substantial redundancies of 1200 in the organisation. In addition, there will also be back-office savings on things like IT and travel. It’s clear the National Trust like all major wildlife charities […]

wildlife themed face masks

British Wildlife Themed Face Masks Launched

As it is becoming increasingly mandatory to wear face masks in the UK I thought it would be a good time to launch some with a British wildlife theme. These are made to World Health Organisations guidance for non-medical face coverings. In most parts of the UK, it is now mandatory for face coverings to […]

don't just build, be disruptive

Don’t Just Build – Be Disruptive

We have an opportunity to change the economy post-covid. Most people want a fairer, cleaner and more sustainable economy. Vast sums of money is going to have to be built to get the economy moving again. As Boris proclaims ‘build, build, build’ is it time to get disruptive? There’s no doubt that Boris understands the […]

Is 2020 The Year Of The Hedgehog?

It’s all pretty anecdotal at the moment but 2020 looks to be a good year for hedgehogs. It will be interesting to see if any more formal research is going to be done but two main things suggest good news for hedgehogs. Many hedgehogs had a double litter last year, Lockdown has greatly reduced roadkill. […]

wildlife rescue uk

Wildlife Rescue in Britain Suffers Cashflow Crisis

The big wildlife charities have a voice. They can grab public attention and highlight the drop in funding for wildlife and conservation during the Covid-19 crisis. Not only do they have a voice, many have substantial funds and reserves in the bank to see them through. Larger wildlife charities have reserves to call on The […]

cycle lane

Post Covid-19 Town Planning And Housing Quality Needs To Change

Some good announcements have come from the UK government with Grant Shapps calling for local councils to give higher priority to walkers and cyclists. The mayor’s of London and Manchester has already taken the opportunity to say they will be closing some streets to vehicles to make them pedestrian and cycle friendly. This move to […]

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